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safetypinnedsammy |

Sam: Castiel? Cas is your favorite?

Y/N: Well… yeah.

Dean: We raised you since you were a kid. What does Cas have that we don’t?

Y/N: Powers.


Dean trying to be the noble knight that pulls the sword from the rock.

He’s struggling.

me: *scouring the deep depths of a fanfic*

phone: hey are you enjoying this

me: yeah it's getting really goo-

phone: *restarts page*





me: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now


Demon!Dean | Soulless!Sam | Godstiel

Dean: Well, well, well, look at who we have here. Sammy and Cas.

Sam: Nice to see you again, dean. I see a lot has changed since we last saw each other. 

Dean: Sure has.  

Sam: *Turns his attention to Castiel* So Dean’s a demon, and I’m soulless. What are you?

Castiel: I’m your new god.